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With all due regard to your intentions to become one with Mother Nature at Dandeli, there are a few aspects that you need to be kept aware of whilst on your vacation. Please read and comprehend the following carefully; we request you to abide by them so as to favor our common interest.

Doing the right things while you are at Dandeli not only will enable you to make most of the trip, it will also more importantly keep you and others in your group out of danger. Do try your best to adhere to the following do's and don'ts while at Dandeli:

  • The first and simplest rule is to blend in with the natural surroundings; no loud noises, no jarring colors, no bright lights if you are on a night safari, etc. You will get to spot more wildlife if your presence is not made obvious; it is with a purpose that dull colors like browns, olive greens and khakis are worn on safaris. Flash and spot lights for photography are prohibited so as to prevent startling animals. Hence it is best to avoid gizmos like iPods, bright colored clothing and b perfumes while at Dandeli – the last thing you’ll want to do is scare the animals away or worse still, provoke them to attack you!
  • Do not feed wild animals – not only does this change their habits, but also can cause them to become agitated for want of more food possibly, which can in turn jeopardize the security of the entire group. Do remember that they have an abundant supply of natural food in the forest and do not require junk food.
  • Do not litter the forest. While this reflects poorly on your upbringing and basic concepts of hygiene and orderliness, it also airs out a callous attitude towards protection of the environment. Avoid using polythene bags, tetra packs and other bio non-degradable material or if they have to be used, carry them back with you after use, to be disposed off properly. They can harm animals if they are accidentally eaten by them and also spoil the beauty of Dandeli.
  • Keep your calm and maintain composure when in close proximity with animals. Children must be entrusted with able persons who can control them well. It is important to maintain a reasonable distance from all the animals since approaching too closely can disturb or provoke them.
  • Remember that animals by nature are shy and tend to hide when they see a ‘foreigner’ namely a human being; they are unpredictable too – that’s why they are ‘wild’ animals! Please do not attempt to catch their attention so as to lure them out by throwing stones or making noises or grimaces – there always is a chance that you might get more than you asked for….
  • Be careful not to leave any combustible material around carelessly as this can start off a forest fire. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the forest so as to minimize the risk to the wild life here. Also do ensure that mosquito coils or candles are tightly secured before lighting them.
  • Never stray away from the group, especially at river sides. Remember that you are the guest here and the hosts need not always be hospitable here! The allotted route maps are to be strictly followed and pay attention to the instructions given to you by our trained personnel and guides who know Dandeli inside out.
  • Keep alcohol and other intoxicants away – this can lead to serious lapses in judgment which can prove fatal in the jungle and all its wild ways that us humans are not very well versed with.
  • Do not disturb anything in the forest – avoid collecting any plants or animals. Remember it is your responsibility to leave the forest the same way you found it for the next visitor and generations to come!
  • As responsible people, do the authorities a favor by reporting any instance of irresponsible behavior on the part of visitors or even staff / guides. Poaching is another evil can be combated with your support. It’s needless to say that your valuable suggestions and recommendations are most welcome, which will be forwarded to the relevant team to be looked into.
  • Now that you know what exactly to expect at Dandeli, it’s time you checked your travel bag to see if you have everything you might require. Let’s look at what the necessary and desirable items that you need to pack while on your Dandeli vacation are.

Must haves

  • Mosquito / Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen, Hat & Sunglasses
  • Antiseptic Cream, Medication and First Aid Kit
  • Socks and comfortable, sturdy shoes or boots
  • Binoculars & Camera (with Extra Film Rolls and Batteries)
  • Water Bottle & Rucksack with essential food supplies
  • Warm Clothing (in winters)
  • Small Torch
  • Personal hygiene requisites
  • Rain wear and umbrella


  • Hiking pole (recommended)
  • Sleeping bag / tent for overnight trips
  • Long sleeved cotton shirt for protection from insects and the sun
  • Long pants with tie strings or shorts for hiking
  • Good clothes (smart casuals for eveningwear)
  • Laundry powder – for those who insist on washing regularly!


It’s a good idea to wear layers of clothes rather than one thick sweater or windcheater. Even in winters, the trek might warm you up and wearing light clothes in layers will allow you to shed one layer at a time to suit your comfort.

Now you’re all set to embark on the vacation of vacations – your trip to Dandeli! Finally we’d like to run you through a the terms and conditions that you are requested to keep in mind as well; remember it is keeping your safety in mind that these rules have been laid down!

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