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Whitewater Rafting in Coorg
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Rafting In Coorg

Bring Out the Adventurer in You with White Water Rafting in Coorg

Speak of Coorg and the first thing that comes to mind is the endless expanse of coffee plantations and lush greenery. What most people do not know is that Coorg also is ideal for white water rafting. For a person who is caught in the mundane and hectic routine of a mechanical life, Coorg comes out as a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate the senses. Being amidst the pristine nature here can charge your batteries and bring excitement back to your life.

There are also other places such as the Nagarahole National Park which is home to the highest number of tigers in India among other animals. There is also the tourist island of Nagarahole and Abbey falls.

Rafting in Coorg

White Water Rafting Opportunities Around Bangalore and Mysore:

River rafting in Barpolae South Coorg (253 kms from Bangalore)
River Rafting in Tejaswini Cherupuzha ( 340 kms from Bangalore)
River rafting in Cauvery Bheemeshwari and Galibore (100 kms from Bangalore)
River rafting in Sita Hebri (390 kms from Bangalore)

All activities are open for first timers and non-swimmers, under the professional supervision of internationally certified instructors adhere to international safety standards and practise open for age group of 12 years and above.

Rafting in Coorg

A Great Way to Explore Coorg is through Trained and Experienced Guides

When you visit an exotic beauty like Coorg, you do not want to live with the regret of not enjoying and exploring it to the fullest. We offer you the company of adventure guides to enable you to extract the most out of your vacation. If it is your first shot at white water rafting, we can give you an experience that you will remember forever.

Our experts will orient you on white water rafting before taking you on a well-secured adventure ride. You will be provided all the safety gear and tips so that you remain safe at all times. Our experts will even equip you with the skills necessary to navigate through the turbulent waters. Moreover, you will always find them right next to you as they give you ongoing guidance through their working knowledge of how the river behaves.


Rafting in Coorg

We have Added an Element of Extra Safety for You

To assure you that we have professionals at our side, we have certified them through world renowned organizations such as NOL USA. We can even provide you documents that stand ode to the spotless track record of our experts with zero accidents. We even go a step ahead and thoroughly scrutinize all our guides and experts so that you are safe. Our safety standards are high enough that even non-swimmers and first-time adventurists will feel safe with us.

A Little Insight: What Makes Coorg Ideal for White Water Rafting?

Coorg is located in the Indian state of Karnataka and is known for its natural abundance and cultural richness. This serene place is located just 250 kilometers from Bangalore. It is topographically situated such that the south-west monsoon powers the water bodies such as rivers and streams with an abundance of water, which is ideal for white water rafting. There are also water falls such as Barapole Falls and Saaratabbi Falls. It is noteworthy that June to October is the time when you get the best water flow for white water rafting. This flow gives you the opportunity to raft in varying degrees of adventure from class 3 to class 5; however, the availability of this activity is entirely dependent on the amount of rain received in a particular monsoon season.

The Barapole River, which ultimately integrates itself into the Arabian Sea as it courses through the Indian State of Kerala, enters Coorg through the Western Ghats. The river receives its “gush” from the height of Brahmagiri range and this force is maintained as it passes through Coorg. The heavy rains that Western Ghats usually receive add to the intensity of the flow.

Rafting in Coorg

Getting There

Getting a private vehicle for hire is a breeze as Coorg is a popular tourist destination. If you want to travel the local way, you have several buses that ply from Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore to Madikeri, which is the capital of Coorg District.

Distance to Coorg from some of the major cities in and around Karnataka:

  • Bangalore: 256 kilometers
  • Mysore: 120 kilometers
  • Mangalore: 136 kilometers
  • Hassan: 115 kilometers
  • Goa: 525 kilometers
  • Karwar: 400 kilometers
  • Calicut: 170 kilometers
  • Tellechery: 110 kilometers
  • Cannanore: 110 kilometers
  • Kasargod: 106 kilometers

A Word of Caution:

  • While safety gear will be provided to you, ensure that you wear appropriate attire and shoes for adventure.
  • Pay attention to the guidance, training, and tips provided.
  • If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before you embark on the adventure
  • Avoid going on the adventure if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pregnant women and children under 12 years are not allowed to raft
  • If you are over 100 kilograms, rafting can be dangerous

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