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Holiday Scams in Dandeli – Less is Not Always More

Mr. Murthy, an HR professional, from Bangalore, swears that he'll never visit Dandeli again. A man who just a few weeks back considered Dandeli as the top holiday choice, now cannot stand the name of it. But there is a reason behind it.

Mr. Murthy's first tryst with Dandeli's beauty was 6 years ago when, for a mere 1500 rupees a day, he had enjoyed a memorable outing. It was his first outing with his wife after a very long time. Everything was great.

When it came to celebrating the 10th anniversary of their wedding, the choice was not hard; Mrs. and Mr. Murthy wanted to relive those old memories. So, with high expectation and a strong want to indulge in nostalgia, they booked an accommodation in Dandeli.

The Horror in Dandeli Begins

Mr. Murthy had taken pride in booking the accommodation in Dandeli at a mere 1200 rupees a day and had actually bragged about it a bit on his way. What awaited them on arrival was sheer disappointment. The first thing that struck them was the unkempt room. The sheets looked shabby and unwashed. The curtains had stains all over and there was a strong stench of fungus that was quite penetrating. The bathroom was unclean, the taps were leaky and there was no hot water. That very moment, they decided to check out the next morning as it was already late in the evening to do so the same day.

The next horrible experience came in the form of food. It was wrong on so many levels. The greasy, salt-less food was a complete appetite-killer. Plus it was served on plates which perhaps should have been replaced with new ones a couple of years ago. The servers were never there and the service was pathetic to say the least. There was just one server for a dining area that was completely filled with guests. This was also the time that a realization struck Mr. Murthy - they were the only couple there!

Staying in Dandeli – Spending the Night

The worst thing that really ticked Mr. Murthy to entirely cut short the trip was their experience during the night. While they had stepped out to warm themselves and catch-up on old times around the campfire, they were literally surrounded by men who had simply come to booze and make noise. The couple had to retreat into their room quickly and spend the whole night rolling over in bed, unable to sleep due to the noise outside. Mrs. Murthy was actually a little shaken contemplating that something worse might actually come upon them that night.

Mr. Murthy is Not Alone

There are several people like Mr. Murthy who do not realise that a cheap stay/accommodation in Dandeli is not always the best option. Leaky bathrooms, broken toilets, poor service, bad food and complete deprivation of privacy are trademarks of cheap accommodation.

Dandeli has seen a huge influx of tourists in the recent years, giving rise to several in-house stay, small camps and cheap resorts that are below par. They're only good for those men who come to drink their time away and for whom other facilities don't really matter. For a couple, it's always a wise decision to look for a place that is family-friendly.

Here's what you'll invariably end up when you choose a cheap accommodation in Dandeli:

  • Complete lack of privacy, especially if you're a couple
  • Bad service, untrained staff, shortage of staff resulting in long waits through the day
  • Unhygienic living conditions putting your health at risk. Fungus, mosquitos and insects would constantly keep you company
  • Substandard food
  • Inadequate amenities or complete lack of basic amenities. Clean bathroom can seem like a luxury
  • Unscrupulous people as fellow guests leaving you insecure throughout your stay
  • Zero guidance on local attractions. You might end up wasting a lot of time arranging local tours yourself

So, the big question is, "how to find a good accommodation?"

Dandeli is well connected to Bangalore, Mumbai (Bombay), Goa, Belgaum, Karwar and Dharwad, Hubli by road. Several buses ply to Dandeli everyday. Pick up and drop facility from closest destination is available on request.

Call us at +91-94839-40400 and put all the travel hassles behind you. No one knows Dandeli better than us. Leave it on us to guide you through a journey that will allow you nothing but pure pleasure.

Finding a Good Accommodation in Dandeli

Here's the easiest way to ensure a great accommodation in Dandeli:
Get in touch with & we will help you with travel and accommodation. When you book through, we guarantee that you will have the most memorable and joyous vacation.

Here are a few additional tips:

  • We strongly suggest you to plan your trip well in advance. The resorts are always fully booked during the season.
  • If you've made last-minute plans and are unable to book a quality resort, postpone your plans. The agony of staying in a bad place is simply not worth it.
  • Check online on thrid-party review websites. People rate the places very fairly on such websites. Their personal experience will guide you on the quality of the resort and also give you an insight into the service and upkeep.
  • Of course, if you know someone who has stayed in Dandeli, talk to them.
  • Finally, if you're a couple, always choose a decent resort listed on

Don't make money the only criteria for choosing the place. Also, not every homestay in Dandeli is actually a "homestay," these are simply cheap rooms that are promoted this way. So be careful with your choice. Shelling out a little extra cash is going to be worth the experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Choose what you truly deserve.

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