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The Best Time to Visit Dandeli – The Ultimate Guide for Travellers

Dandeli gives you several reasons to visit her, but it’s understandable that you have your own “agenda” for the visit. Birding, river rafting and water adventures, wildlife, and nature are just a few of the reasons why people visit Dandeli. Keep in mind that not all these activities are accessible throughout the year. Here’s a guide that lets you know of the right time to visit Dandeli.

While availability of most activities is entirely dependent on climate, bird watching is somewhat different. Apart from the weather, there are always other factors that play a major part in how good your experience is going to be. Let’s touch upon bird watching first before we proceed to the best time to visit Dandeli season-wise.

General tips to remain comfortable: Moisturizers, lip balm, mosquito repellent creams, a Swiss knife and a torch per person. These items are best carried during your visit to remain on the safer side. Of course, you need not be reminded to carry your chargers, power packs, batteries, hats, sun glasses and a waist-purse. Don’t wear cloths that are too loose. Carry a backpack for all the essentials on your exploration. Swim wear is another aspect that you must not forget. Make use of reusable bottles and carry a plastic bag to keep the wilderness clean.

Bird Watching in Dandeli

Bird photography is among the top hobbies of people around India and the world today. There’s nothing like capturing the avian life in the background of the setting sun. But if you aren’t aware of bird behaviour, getting amazing captures can be quite tough. Yes, birds too have a schedule!

  • Feeding time: Birds tend to indulge in a feeding frenzy in the morning and evening times. Both times, the birds forage and scout for food, not just for them but also their off-springs. Upon sunrise, there is usually a flurry of activities as the insects get warm and come out of hiding. Again, in the evening, the birds feed in a frenzy to stay full overnight.
  • The singing of birds is a sign: The melody of birds is quite a treat to the ears. Think logically; and there’s more in it for a bird watcher. The sounds not only indicate the birds’ location but also their species, if you or the guide knows their sounds.
  • Birds love sun-bathing: Surprised? Yes, birds like being under the sun. The concept is called sunning. When the sun is at its peak around noon, you will find birds doing some weird, yet cute acrobatics. Don’t be amazed; they’re trying to catch sun as much as possible. Such moves, though, can be perfect for your photography.
  • Birds drink water often: You’ll be amazed by how much water the birds drink. If the resort that you’ve chosen has birdbaths, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stake them out there. Birds invariably visit birdbaths when its hot and when they’re feeding.

January-February-March: Ideal for Bird Watching in Dandeli

The weather is ideal for bird-watching enthusiasts and trekkers. With the winter set in already, it becomes particularly pleasant to walk through the greens in search of the elusive avian species.

Weather info:

  • January: 14 to 34 degree Celsius
  • February: 14 to 34 degree Celsius
  • March: 16 to 35 degree Celsius

If bird watching is your ultimate objective of visiting, Dandeli, January and February are the best months. You’ll find a huge variety of birds during this time. Also, the weather is ideal for hiking and trekking. So, you can simply put on your cameras, backpacks, and set out for some amazing time in the jungles of Dandeli.

Water can be seen in abundance during this time and is the best time to visit Dandeli for river rafting. While whitewater rafting is offered during these months, you’ll have to note that this activity entirely depends on water levels, which depend on the release of water from the nearby Supa Dam. Water is stored in Supa Dam for power generation.

Tips to remain comfortable: Nights can be especially cold during this time. Ensure that you pack enough warm clothing, instead of buying them in Dandeli as finding jackets and sweaters to your liking can be tough and time-consuming. Stuff like moisturizers and lip balms can be bought in Dandeli even if you forget to pack them.

April-May-June: Right Time to Visit Dandeli for Wildlife

Summer in Dandeli is the ultimate season for wildlife enthusiasts. The weather is pleasant with minimum crowd. This means the creatures of the wild venture out of hiding with confidence. Perfect for wildlife photography!

Weather info:

  • April: 22 to 39 degree Celsius
  • May: 21 to 39 degree Celsius
  • June: 20 to 27 degree Celsius

Wildlife is always easier to spot when there is less vegetation and the climate is relatively dry. Animals are forced to venture out into the few spots that have abundance of water. The skies are clear most of the time allowing for better visibility. Mosquitoes which can be quite an irritation during your wildlife spotting are remarkably less during these months. Also, since most people visit during the year-end, the crowds are much thinner, except, of course, if there’s a national holiday. If you plan to venture out in the evening for an open-jeep safari, ensure that you carry warm clothing. Dandeli being Dandeli, evenings can be quite cold.

Best Time to Visit Dandeli for River Rafting

For an adventurer, summer in Dandeli brings numerous water sport options. These safe activities are something that even kids love to participate in. Your child will never forget this summer vacation!

If you’re an adventure lover, then this is the best season to visit Dandeli. With River Kali flowing at ideal levels, water sports are yours to experience. The popular ones are:

  • River Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Zorbing
  • Natural Jacuzzi
  • Coracle Rides

Again, remember that white-water rafting is entirely dependent on release of water from Supa Dam. This is the time when the forest is at its greenest best and the weather can be heavenly. Enjoy the thick forest of Dandeli during these months with a guided hike.

Tips to remain comfortable: You will not need warm clothing once the sun is up, but if you’re planning on venturing out during early morning and late evening hours, you better be prepared with some warm clothing. Pack all essentials as shops during these months open rather late in Dandeli. Be prepared for occasional showers that can take you by surprise. A water-proof poncho would suffice to keep you safe. Remember temps can drop suddenly with rains, especially if you’re visiting in the month of June.

July-August-September: Bask in the Monsoon Rains in Dandeli

Rains bring in an element of romance in the air. Dandeli is ideal for the romantic couples and honeymooners. If rekindling the relationship is your objective, monsoon is the best season! The serene weather and surroundings of Dandeli give cuddling a new meaning!

Weather info:

  • July: 21 to 32 degree Celsius
  • August: 21 to 33 degree Celsius
  • September: 21 to 33 degree Celsius

Enjoying the rains in Dandeli is a pure poetic experience. Don’t confine yourself to the four walls of your home during the rains. Rains bring lush greenery to Dandeli, which is an amazing fest to your eyes. Awaken your sense of adventure, get out of your monsoon slumber and set course to Dandeli. There are several adventures that await you such as:

  • Rappelling
  • Trekking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Monsoon Camping
  • Monsoon Cycling
  • Coracle Rides
  • Jungle Safari

Drive to Dandeli with your loved one and experience the monsoon adventures with a hint of romance in them. You’ll love indulging in these activities as a couple.

Tips to remain comfortable: Don’t forget to pack water-proof ponchos. Raincoats and umbrellas can be quite irritating and will not protect your backpacks adequately. Long-boots along with ponchos will keep you comfortable throughout your water escapades. Mosquito repellent creams will be helpful when you venture out.

October-November-December: Best Season to Visit Dandeli for Everything

If you’re looking to spend some quality family time during the festive holidays, Dandeli is the ideal location for you. This is also the time when nature and weather are at their best in the region.

Weather info:

  • October: 20 to 33 degree Celsius
  • November: 20 to 33 degree Celsius
  • December: 14 to 33 degree Celsius

This is the time when Dandeli is at its best for visitors. Almost all activities mentioned above are there for you to indulge in. The climate too is highly congenial to explore the wildlife and see the sites around Dandeli. Several exotic birds make Dandeli their home during the months of October and November.

Tips to remain comfortable: The weather is going to be extremely pleasant during this time, but that doesn’t mean you throw caution to air. Be prepared with a warm pair of jacket if you’re visiting in December. It’ll come handy on your open-jeep safari. Torches can be very useful as days are shorter during these months.

There are also several sites around Dandeli which you can visit during any time of the year. You’ll never find a dull moment when you visit this splendour of nature.

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